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Last update: 2002-07-07
Current Release: 0.3.1
Bbcd is a CD player that offers the minimum features to play your favourite CDs. It works with X11 and can integrate with BlackBox, copying its style. However, if you don't use BlackBox, you may still edit the appearance that Bbcd will show.

In its normal configuration, Bbcd has 4 buttons: backward, play/pause, stop and forward.
Beside this, Bbcd supports a `compact' configuration in which it only has 2 buttons: play/pause and stop. The behaviour of these buttons depends on the mouse button you use to click:

Bbcd supports docking/wharfing/sliting.

Bbcd runs on Linux, NetBSD and FreeBSD. If you get to compile it on other platforms, please, send me an email (and a patch?).

Few screenshots of Bbcd

Bbcd alone, with different layouts (Style: Outcomes and Rancor)
Bbcd in the slit, with a different layout, along with Bbppp and Bbsload (Style: Outcomes)
Bbcd in the slit, in compact mode, along with Bbppp and Bbsload (Style: Forest)

How to compile Bbcd ?

You will need X11 and cdaudio libraries in order to compile Bbcd (see Related links below).

Bbcd support automake/autoconf. So, you just need to enter the source directory and type:

% ./configure
% make
% su -c "make install"
You should then copy bbcd.bb and bbcd.nobb to $HOME/.bbtools. Supposing that you used the default installation directory, these files are located in /usr/local/share/bbtools. If you use Blackbox, edit bbcd.bb; otherwise edit bbcd.nobb. Several default parameters are already set in these files, read README.bbcd and below for more information.

Users reported compile problems on other platforms (NetBSD and FreeBSD) due to inclusion of header files (unistd.h and select.h). If you are in this case, apply the patch provided in the download section.
Bbcd requires the last version of the cdaudio library (0.99.6); it seems that version 0.99.4 installed with FreeBSD is not working with Bbcd. configure script ask for this version (since 0.3.1).

How to apply a patch ?

Uncompress patch if necessary, go to source directory of Bbcd and then type:
% patch -Np1 </path/to/file/bbcd-old_new.diff

How to use Bbcd ?

Bbcd accepts several command line options and parameters. They are described below.
-b No BlackBox support. If you don't have a BlackBox configuration file, it is the default.
-bbrc file Specifies an alternate location of BlackBox configuration file. Default is $HOME/.blackboxrc.
-rc file Specifies an alternate Bbcd configuration file. Default is $HOME/.bbtools/bbcd.{bb,nobb}.
-w Withdrawn state. Puts Bbcd on/in the dock/wharf/slit.
-c Compact mode.
-s Transparent background. Useful when run on/in the dock/wharf/slit.
-z size Size of buttons (pixels). Default is 10.
-l layout Layout of buttons (Horizontal, Vertical, or Box). Default is Horizontal.
-d dev Alternate CD-ROM device. Default is /dev/cdrom.
-display d X server display name. Default is $DISPLAY.
-geometry g Position of window, when not withdrawn.

If you set -b or if BlackBox configuration file is not found (either the one you specfied with option -bbrc or the default one), Bbcd runs without BlackBox and the configuration filename is bbcd.nobb. Otherwise it is bbcd.bb, unless a different name is specified with the option -rc.

Bbcd has no option to remove WM decoration when running in normal state. That is a planned feature.

When Bbcd is running, depending on the chosen options, it runs in a small window or in the dock/wharf/slit, displaying 2 or 4 buttons.
You can now play your CDs !

See TODO for information on current work.

Related Links

Since version 0.3.0, Bbcd uses libcdaudio to manage CD drive.


Version 0.3.0: bbcd-0.3.0.tar.gz
Patch to 0.3.1: bbcd-0.3.0_0.3.1.diff.gz (fix inclusion issues with unistd.h and select.h)
Version 0.3.1: bbcd-0.3.1.tar.gz
Patch to 0.3.1a: bbcd-0.3.1_0.3.1a.diff.gz (added on 17/04/2003)

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